Our Mission

The United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNAGB) is dedicated to building a strong network of global citizens in the Boston area. We inform, inspire, and mobilize members of the community to engage with critical global issues central to the work and mission of the United Nations.

Our Vision

  • To set a national example of how Model UN can be an exceptional and accessible learning experience that inspires all students to be “delegates today and leaders tomorrow
  • To engage members of the Greater Boston community in a lifetime of learning and leadership on critical global issues central to the work and mission of the UN
  • To strengthen the local network of global citizens for the betterment of the Commonwealth, nation, and world

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Model UN

In Model UN, students (or “delegates,” as we refer to them!) step into the role of diplomats negotiating solutions to issues like climate change and human rights. They learn about the issue, research an assigned country in relation to the topic, and negotiate solutions to the problem with their peers. Model UN builds skills, fosters global awareness, and inspires lifelong engagement with collaborative problem-solving. UNAGB delivers Model UN in three ways:

  • In-Class Model UN: UNAGB provides customized global affairs curriculum, professional development for teachers, student resources, in-class teaching of parliamentaryprocedure, and facilitation of in-school Model UN simScreen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.42.26 PMulations at 30 schools.
  • Model UN Conferences: UNAGB holds 9 interscholastic conferences per year at local universities. Conferences are open to middle and high school students. Attendees have the unique opportunity to collaborate with students from public, private, urban, suburban, charter, parochial, and homeschool backgrounds.
  • Summer Institute in Global Leadership: UNAGB runs week-long Model UN programs at Harvard University for middle and high school students. Each week focuses on a specific global issue and includes guest speakers, negotiation training, hands-on activities, and Model UN simulations.

Adult Programs

UNAGB engages the Greater Boston community in global issues throughout the year with a variety of adult programs. Make sure to join our email list at www.unagb.org to stay informed about all upcoming programs!

  • International Women’s Day Event: In March, UNAGB celebrates International Women’s Day with a community event. In 2018, we recognized this day with a film screening of the documentary, Silent Tears, followed by a panel discussion unraveling many of the biggest issues women face across the glScreen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.05.47 PM.pngobe.
  • Global Citizens Gala: UNAGB’s Global Citizens Gala in the spring brings together local diplomats, business leaders, academics, cultural, and nonprofit communities. The night honors the Consuls Corps of Boston – the local representatives of more than 60 UN Member States.
  • Annual Meeting: UNAGB’s Annual Meeting inthe fall is a great way to learnwhatUNAGB has been up to, network with other globally minded citizens, and hear from inspiring guest speakers about important global issues. 
  • UN Day Luncheon: The annual UN Day Luncheon celebrates the anniversary of the establishment of the UN! This is a great opportunity to network with the local community and learn about important global issues.
  • Networking Nights: UNAGB co-hosts international affairs networking nights with fellow organizations, including the Boston Network for International Development and World Boston. This is a great way to meet locals interested in international development!


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